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Trumpet Teacher from the District University “Francisco José de Caldas” – faculty of Arts – ASAB – Bogotá, Colombia. Degree in trumpet interpretation with emphasis on Musical Conduction at the Conservatory of The National University of Colombia. Postgraduate and musical specialisation at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Liceu; and Master’s Degree in Musical Interpretation at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya.

Guest musician invited to participate in several prestigious festivals throughout Colombia and in different countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Spain, among many others. Endorsed by the prestigious brand STOMVI. 

Besides his current soloist and teaching career, his album; Buenas Influencias, is being finished.


He began his musical studies in 1993 and trumpet in 1994 at the School of Music and Paipa Youth Band under the direction of master Miguel Duarte and then, under the direction of his son Ciro Duarte Rubiano. Afterwards, he obtained the title of Musician Trumpeter emphasizing in Conduction, from the Conservatory of Music at the National University, Colombia, in 2007. The same year 2007, he was awarded a scholarship from Carolina Foundation. Broadening his studies with teachers Luis Gonzalez and Pep Casado, in the Superior Conservatory of Music of Liceu, Barcelona, Spain, where he achieved the Improvement Course and Postgraduate Musical in Trumpet. Along his career as a trumpet player some of his teachers have been Jairo Rodríguez, Lupercio Barbosa, Fernando Parra, Juan Fernando Avendaño, Pep Casado and Luis González. 


Additionally, he also received workshops and master classes from renowned teachers such as: Reinhold Friedrich, Guy Touvron, Charles Schlueter, Allen Vizzutti, Gilberto Siqueira, Frank Pulcini, Francisco Flores, James Ackley, Eric Aubier, José Maria Ortí, Jens Lindemann, Juanjo Serna, Carlos Benetó, Jordi Albert, Germán Murcia, Vladimir Kafeltikov, Pierre Badel, Giuliano Sommerhalder, Bobby Shew, Fernando Ciancio, Adam Rapa and with the Canadian Brass trumpet players Christopher Coletti and Brandon Ridenour, among others.


As a soloist, he has performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá, the Symphony Orchestra of the Andes University, Symphony Orchestra of the National Conservatory of Ecuador, Symphony Band of Pereira, Symphony Orchestra and Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Loja, Youth Symphonic Band of Paipa and Cundinamarca, Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of the National University of Colombia, Brass Ensemble of the National University of Colombia, Youth Orchestra of Colombia, amongst other famous musical ensembles. He is also part of the Trio Tri-Vento (soprano, trumpet and piano) in which they are developing an extraordinary chamber music work.


As an instrumentalist, he has been the main trumpet player for the Bogota Youth Philharmonic Band, Cundinamarca Youth Symphony Band, substitute trumpeter for the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, and main trumpeter for the Jaime Manzur Foundation Orchestra and the Lyrical Art Foundation, where he has been part for more than 15 years during the annual seasons of Opera and Zarzuela.



In his career as a professor for more than 12 years, he has taught in Antonio Narino University, Cundinamarca University, besides the District University “Francisco Jose de Caldas”.


Heraclio has been invited to teach workshops and master classes nationally and internationally in cities and festivals like:  Paipa, District Trumpeter Festival; Bucaramanga, Batuta’s foundation workshop Train the Trainer; Barranquilla, International Encounter of Trumpet and Trombone; Pereira, M.C Brass Festival and Percussion; Music Conservatory of Cuenca, Ecuador; National Conservatory of Quito, Ecuador; International Music Festival, Loja, Ecuador; International Music Festival in Cancun, Mexico (FMI) and the Ibero-American Congress on Trumpet; Puerto Rico Summer Music Festival; Mérida International Brass Festival, Mexico; Trumpet Research Meetings in Spain and others.  


Following his growing interest in the trumpet school in Colombia, led him to be the developer organizer and founder of the Stomvi Trumpet Seminar I, II and III in Colombia. In collaboration with the National University of Colombia and Brass Music Festival I; likewise, he has actively participated in the organization of interuniversity Trumpet Contest developed by the District University “Francisco Jose de Caldas” and the first National Trumpet Contest in Ecuador. 


One of his best interest is to carry on working towards the development of the Trumpet School in Colombia and Latin America. He strongly believes that conviction and teamwork are the seed to successfully grow values throughout musical education. Heraclio will continue pursuing his passion for education further either as soloist or with his chamber music group to different audiences and cities in the world. 

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